November 10, 2016



The two step-submission process involve:

  • Abstract submission (25 Jan 2017): abstracts (max 300 words) have to be send in two languages, with main title in Italian and secondary title in English, and including authors’ name and affiliation and keywords (3 to 6);
  • Full paper submission (12 April 2017): papers (max 10 pages including titles, authors’ name and affiliation, abstract, keywords, manuscript, figures, table, caption, appendices, bibliography) have to be written in Italian, but include the abstract and titles in both Italian and English.


  • Abstract and full paper preparation instruction:

Abstracts and full template (; the same template will be used for both the contribution steps), instruction “T1-contributo esempio.pdf” and final sample (T1-contributo esempio.docx ) are available at Only MS word formt (doc or docx), generated thorugh the template, will be accepted.

Template instructions:

  • Open Word and from the Tools menu select the options MacroSecurity.
    Click the “Medium” radio box and then OK. Exit Word. Copy the template into your “Template” directory of MS word;
  • Open a new MS word document (doc o docx), but avoid to open the template out of Word via FileOpen.;
  • Click on “Activate macros”;
  • Add for the current document in the “Add-ins” section;
  • Now you are ready to start writing. To use the template with a document you have already created, copy the existing text into the new document. Then select ToolsTemplates and Add-Ins, click the “Automatically update document styles” check box and OK.

Abstract preparation:
Keywords (3 to 6) have to be separated by “;”. Figures, tables, references and footnotes are not allowed.

Paper preparation:
Figures: *tiff/*.tiff at 300dpi, maximum depth: 11,68cm (text column width).

References: using the Springer Basic (numeric, bracket citation style). Please consider the use of Mendeley desktop (

Tables: please introduce your table as normally done in MS word environment and then select the table and apply the button within the add-ins for automatic format for table.

  •  Abstract and full paper submission instruction:

Contribution (abstracts and papers) should be submitted via Easy Chair:

Please “create an account” if not done; add the abstract or the paper by using the “new submission” fields, by compiling all of them. The ”Title” and  “abstract” fields in the submission form will only involve the italian-language items. Please upload the realted abstract or full-paper doc o docx file in the field “Uploads”, according to the submission step. Intermediated modifications are allowed  (via “update information/author/file”. The option “withdraw” allows to delete (retire) the submission.